The Detriments of Technology Overkill in The Veldt by Ray Bradbury

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It is unbelievable how fast technology can change the way society lives today, compared to how we lived in the past and what the future has in store for us. Technology can be beneficial in the health care system by helping us create medicine and find new cures for disease we have been battling for years. However, when technology is not used to benefit us it is quiet disturbing. Technology can help improve one’s way of life, but it should not be your way of life nor control your life. In The Veldt by Ray Bradbury technology ruins family life by starting to eradicate verbal communication, family bonding, and parental responsibility.
The first way technology ruins the family life in the story is by diminishing verbal communication. George and Lydia are Peter’s and Wendy’s parents and they should be able to have a conversation with them at any time they please, yet the house seems to be able to communicate better with the kids. It is nerve-racking that the only time the kids will communicate with their parents is if they are asked a question or are trying to do something. As the story progresses one learns that the kids are upset with their parents and feel let down. It is never communicated with George and Lydia that they are unhappy, so there is no way for them to know what Peter and Wendy are thinking. Technology is so dominant in this house the kids do not even tell their parents how they are feeling, but rather they use the nursery as a way to channel their thoughts and

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