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"Happy cure day to me" (31) continuously pops up throughout the entire book. This expression means people celebrate the day they found out they would be able to leave forever, instead of celebrating birth. This concept changes the meaning of holidays and birthdays. Now, people celebrate the ability to live forever in a cruel, unsanitary world. Instead, people should appreciate every moment they get with their friends and family. The desire to constantly be busy doing something surfaces into everyday life. Fidget cubes and spinners are an example because people love to hold and play with these toys all the time to keep themselves "focused" even when their main focus appears somewhere else. With the use and development of technology, everything appears through the click of a button. Tablets, phones, laptops, and computers improve how an individual communicates with their friends, family, acquaintances, and even strangers they have not met. Inevitably, this allows us to ignore real-world events in the world around us.
Technology helps teenagers and adults ignore the stress of work, homework, and money. Technology also supports our life choices. Everyday people experiment with how they can change himself, or the world around them to enable “comfort.” The scientist that created the cure demonstrates this throughout his experimentation. “It wasn’t the most noble of genetic experiments...Just because I benefited from sloppy handiwork doesn’t mean the rest of us will. Because we

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