The Development Of Morals

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The development of morals is an often studied topic in psychology. However, there is a debate over whether morality is learned, or something humans are born with. A number of experiments have shown that the latter may be a large part of the truth. Infants seem to have basic concepts of empathy, helping others, and punishment before they can speak or participate in society. However, humans continue to develop their morals throughout their lives. These findings simply support the idea that there is an evolved base moral core that is present in all humans from birth.
Many prominent child psychologists have regarded infants as amoral. Psychologists of this view would argue that infants have no understanding of morals until they are taught …show more content…

Moral-like behaviors have also been observed in animals, such as chimpanzees and dogs. Chimpanzees conform to rules, share, do favors, comfort others, and engage in many other activities that resemble morality. Researchers then concluded that if these behaviors evolved in animals so genetically similar to us, they probably evolved in humans as well (Berk, 2013). However, these moral behaviors do seem to be much more developed and common in humans. Humans are accepted to be born with many evolved traits such as the ability to learn language and attach to the mother, so it is not far-fetched that we could be born with a basic moral code as well. According to one study, “as has been argued for humans’ ‘core’ understanding of certain conceptual domains—including objects, numbers, geometry, agents, and groups [...]—there may be aspects of morality that emerge in the absence of specific experiences [...] or being explicitly taught which acts are right and which are wrong” (Hamlin 2013). This quote explains that other human qualities and understandings seem to be universal and built in, meaning morality may very well be in this group. Infants seem to approve of helping others, a major facet of morality. Using data from puppet shows, researchers have shown that babies almost always choose the more helpful puppet. In the shows, one puppet will attempt to open a box. One character will help them open

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