The Development of AI in The AI Revolution is on by Steven Levy

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When the earth began there was no life, it was a world of fire and oceans of lava, after thousands of year’s life began in the ocean and soon came onto land. The land creatures developed into dinosaurs which ruled the world for thousands of years until a meteor wiped them out and a great ice age came. Once the ice age ended monkeys came and from them humans. We have been around for two thousand years and now we have created artificial intelligence which is becoming more and more integrated into our ever increasingly complicated world to make it simpler but have humans also created the next cycle of evolution? The AI Revolution is on by Steven Levy is about Artificial intelligence (AI). Levy writes about how the AI came around and how it affects our daily life. Levy explains impeccably how its developers strayed away from imitating human intelligence, and how it is integrated into our society. Levy has been reporting on digital technology for over twenty five years and his articles have been published in many distinguished magazines according to Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum. Levy’s article begins by talking about how robots are used in ware houses that are linked to a main computer that tells the robots what they need to get. The ware house is organized in small groups of products spread out threw out it, this way the robots don’t have to travel as far to get the product but to a human it looks like a random pile or stuff that isn’t sorted at all. Levy goes on

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