The Development of Personal Autonomy Essay

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Independence or personal freedom is an aspect that most individuals seek in their lives. Although some individuals may need the help of others in order to gain these features, others are already endowed with autonomous thoughts and reflect it in their behavior. Deci & Ryan (2009) claim that autonomy is one of the basic and universal psychological needs that is necessary for the well-being and flourishing of all people. The development of autonomy comes in different forms for all people. The research discussed throughout this paper will reveal and evaluate how autonomy develops in individuals and whether showing autonomous behavior is positive or negative.

Primary Issues
The notion of personal autonomy is a characteristic
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Persons who are employed in medical careers, like nursing, must display autonomous behavior because it provides motivation for them to make decisions without requiring permission from somebody (Senturan et al., 2012). On the other hand, those who display low levels of autonomous behavior will often become submissive towards others and may show signs of obedience when it comes to decision making and protecting their personal independence. These people may be coerced into performing actions or behaviors that they would not normally do such as a person who is an accomplice to a criminal act. I display high levels of autonomous behavior due to the fact that I usually set goals for myself that require no help from others and after these goals are complete, my sense of well-being has increased tremendously.

Theoretical Perspective
Humanistic Perspective
The humanistic approach to psychology is an organization of different thoughts in which the interests of humans and their values and/or beliefs are of main importance (Schultz & Schultz, 2009). The term humanistic relays the notion that all human beings have the potential for growth and that no one is purposely bad or unworthy (Carver & Scheier, 2012). In contrast to psychoanalytical psychologists, humanistic psychologists tend to focus on the strengths of human behavior and not the aspects that make an individual’s

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