The Diamond Buddhist Of Buddhism

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It is apparent that not too many Westerners understand how complex Buddhism truly is. Buddhism has various traditions with different perceptions of Buddha’s teachings and rituals. Buddhism is practiced by all different types of people, not just monks or people who reside in the East. The Diamond Buddhist Way Center in Chicago helps display how diverse the Buddhist community is by providing a more western and contemporary style of Buddhism. The center is located at 4722 N Malden St, Chicago, IL 60640. The center is part of an international non-profit group of over 600 lay centers. The center follows the Vajrayana traditions which can be translated from Sanskrit as the Diamond Way. The teachings come from the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. All of the information above can be found on the Diamond Way Buddhist Center Chicago website. In order to gain an understanding of what the center was like I went with a group of friends to the Sunday open house on the 8th of February. We participated in a Dharma talk, a mediation session, and engaged in discussions with the members to comprehend the Diamond Way Buddhist Center community. The experience helped us understand how Buddhism affects America today and where we might see it in the future.
The temple was contemporary and western. The center was located in a house that some of the members lived in. It looked more like a modern living space with the occasional Tibetan Buddhist decorations. However, there was a space…
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