The Diamond Buddhist Of Buddhism

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It is apparent that not too many Westerners understand how complex Buddhism truly is. Buddhism has various traditions with different perceptions of Buddha’s teachings and rituals. Buddhism is practiced by all different types of people, not just monks or people who reside in the East. The Diamond Buddhist Way Center in Chicago helps display how diverse the Buddhist community is by providing a more western and contemporary style of Buddhism. The center is located at 4722 N Malden St, Chicago, IL 60640. The center is part of an international non-profit group of over 600 lay centers. The center follows the Vajrayana traditions which can be translated from Sanskrit as the Diamond Way. The teachings come from the Karma Kagyu lineage of …show more content…
All the members wore casual clothes and were treated as equals while in Theravada and Mahayana traditions. The lay people always paid their respects to the monks and nuns of the monasteries by bowing and giving offerings. The Vajrayana tradition promotes the idea “that enlightenment could be attained by means of the things of this world itself, by means of one’s own body, one’s own speech, one’s own mind” (Strong 206).
The first part of the service was the introduction to the center. Our teacher told us the story of Gautama Buddha and the history of the center. The organization was founded by Lama Ole Nydahl who is a Danish Lama (Tibetan Dharma teacher). Lama Ole was the first western student under the 16th Karmapa (His Holiness). The 16th Karmapa told Lama Ole that “Buddhism is dying in the east but, Buddhism has potential to grow in the west because westerners are thinkers.” Lama Ole took it upon himself to spread Buddhism through the west by creating Diamond Way Centers and spreading the teachings Vajrayana Buddhism (Diamond Way center Chicago).
The belief that one needs to be a thinker to become a Buddhist is different from eastern Buddhism who believe that even the uneducated have potential to reach enlightenment. Theravada traditions do believe that there is a certain punishment for being born uneducated and that people should strive to reach a rebirth where they will be educated. The way to reach in enlightenment is to pursue the buddhahood. The Diamond Way
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