The Diet Pill, Alli

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The millions of people who are trying to lose weight are all abuzz about the first FDA approved, over the counter diet pill, Alli. I am one of the lucky 400+ people who were given the opportunity to try Alli for 2 months before it hit the market. For the last few weeks, I have watched the news reports, and interviews with prospective users with a combination of mixed feelings. I believe that there is a great deal of misinformation and skepticism out there, and felt it was time to discuss Alli from my own personal experience. It is important for me to say that I am not now, nor have I received any compensation from Glaxo Smith Kline. I 'm a 46 year old woman, who, until my mid thirties, never had a problem with my weight. I am 5 ' 2", and …show more content…

Eating right starts with tracking your food. And the help is there - in the books, on the web, by phone. It 's yours for the taking. 9 weeks later, I am happy to report that I now weigh 127 pounds, I walk 6 days a week, do yoga every other day, and work with weights on the alternating days. And I enjoy it. With eating, I have learned how to make healthier choices with my meals and snacks. I can honestly say, I have not felt deprived, or hungry at all. As far as the "treatment effects", early on in the diet, I experienced them twice - nothing horrible or uncontrollable - but a positive reminder that I have the ability to control what I put into my body. When I have followed the plan, I have had no problems at all. I do not feel as if I have been on a diet, I feel that I have been empoweredd for the first time in my life. I am looking great, feeling fit, and I now know that I am in charge of my own destiny. By following the Alli plan, I have changed my lifestyle, and truly changed my life. Last week, my 2 1/2 year old grandson stayed with me for 3 days, and I kept up with him. That is all the proof I need that Alli works. As a nation, we have become complacent with our overweight and obese lifestyle. We view excessive weight as normal, and those individuals not carrying extra pounds are deemed underweight or thin. While our senses may be fooled, the risk of major illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and stroke rise exponentially with

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