The Dietary Patterns Of Americans

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“Dietary patterns of Americans differ widely, but most Americans eat a diet that could best be described as in need of improvement”. Compared to other countries, the American diet is very different. I have first hand experienced how much different Americans eat from other countries. For a brief, but very beneficial and productive time, I lived in Barcelona, Spain with my host family. Over in Spain, they eat much more fresh, organic food. There was a lot more seafood in the average diet. The meal configuration over there is also different than ours. Lunch is the largest meal eaten every day; different than America, where dinner is the largest. On average, Americans eat 2,000 pounds of food every year, each. The question posed by the scientists of the study I read about was: “Why Americans Eat What They Do: Taste, Nutrition, Cost, Convenience, and Weight Control Concerns as Influences on Food Consumption?” I chose this study because I was/am interested in why Americans eat what they do. Unfortunately, I could not find a popular account linked to this scientific study, so this is purely based off of the study. There were three hypotheses of the experiment. The first was, “we expect that demographic factors will predict the importance of taste, nutrition, cost, convenience, and weight control to individual persons”. This means that they (the scientist involved) believed that the personal characteristics (age, gender, income, and race) will affect the flavor of food, benefits…
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