The Difference Between Sustainability And Resilience

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1. Explain the difference between “sustainability” and “resilience” according to the video. What do you think of this description compared to what you found in the literature?

According to the video the difference between sustainability and resilience, we feel was looked at in a totally different way than usually. The video suggests that the idea of resilience is a more useful concept than the idea of sustainability and the idea of resilience comes from the study of ecology and it 's really about how systems, settlements can withstand shock from the outside. (Hopkins, 2009) When they have shock from the outside they have to make sure they do not just fall into pieces. (Hopkins, 2009)
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(Stoytcheva, 2017)
Marriott is also working forward to the development and adoption of innovative tools to help predict demand and react to any demand spikes or dips. (Stoytcheva, 2017)
We feel this is a good example because the Marriott is trying to be ready and put plans into place if something happens politically, economically, or even trying to prepare for natural disasters. It is important to have this in place because people must know what to do. As well as the deal they should know how to deal with a situation as it arrives such as and natural disaster of some sort.
2. Transportation
The Tourism Industry depends on transportation to keep them in business. People need to be able to travel to destinations, therefore they need all modes of transportation.
One of the safest ways to travel is by air. The safety and security are important within this sector. 9/11 terrorist attacks affected passenger rates which affected the hospitality and tourism industry dramatically because tourists were in fear to travel. (Dennis, 2002)
The attacks from 9/11 affected the economy worldwide. It is estimated that $36 billion of revenue was lost due to the attacks from 9/11 in 2002. (Dennis, 2002)
Therefore, transportation is an important area to concentrate on and actions were put in place to ease the minds of tourists. When a threat or crisis happens, people react.

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