The Difference of Sadness and Depression in Children Essay

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Most people think that sadness and depression are terms refer to the same emotional disorder level. In fact, sadness is the behavior that occurs as a result of facing some difficulties in our daily life and it is usually continues for a couple of days. While depression is a serious mental illness that happen due to the continual feeling of sadness that persist for weeks, months and even years. Depression can affect people from all ages, in 1975, the National Institute of Mental Health announced that depression is no longer considered “an adult disease,” it can also affect people at young age. Depression among children is very common in the recent years , according to the National Comorbidity Survey examination in 2010, the depressive disorder in children affected approximately 11.2 % of 13 to 18 year olds in the United States. To understand any disease, it is important to pay attention to its symptoms, causes, as well as the available treatment methods that help individuals recovering.
Before considering the symptoms that related to childhood depression, we have to look at the different types of this disorder. Children may suffer from three different forms of depression include major depressive disorder (MDD), dysthymic disorder (DD), and bipolar disorder (BD). The major depressive disorder occur when the child experience multiple symptoms that persist daily for more than two weeks. According to DSM-IV, “Approximately 2 to 3% of children under age 10 meet the criteria for…