The Difference of Sadness and Depression in Children Essay

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Most people think that sadness and depression are terms refer to the same emotional disorder level. In fact, sadness is the behavior that occurs as a result of facing some difficulties in our daily life and it is usually continues for a couple of days. While depression is a serious mental illness that happen due to the continual feeling of sadness that persist for weeks, months and even years. Depression can affect people from all ages, in 1975, the National Institute of Mental Health announced that depression is no longer considered “an adult disease,” it can also affect people at young age. Depression among children is very common in the recent years , according to the National Comorbidity Survey examination in 2010, the depressive…show more content…
The three types of depression are sharing the same symptoms as well as same impacts on the child life both academically and socially. At young age, depression' symptoms usually unobvious to diagnosed because it typically starts with a change in the child behavior; the parents may perceive that as a normal feeling due to some problems at school or with friends. But after that, the symptoms become more serious when the child experiences new uncontrolled feelings which lead him/her to withdrawal from friends and family, and lose the interest and motivations in things used to be enjoyable. Furthermore, the child may face difficulties in sleeping, eating, and concentrating on schoolwork. These symptoms have a major influence on the child self-esteem, performance at school, and on the relationship with friends and parents, more serious, the child may start to think of self-harm acts, substance abuse and suicidal. The causes that may lead the child to depression can be due to personal problems. The physical and emotional status of the children mainly depends on the family environment in which they live. Because the parents have irreplaceable role in their children's life, the divorce’ issue that exposure the children to unhealthy family situations can lead them to fall into depression. According to Erin Schreiner, children of divorced parents are more prone to develop anxiety issues and avoid social
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