Parental Depression And Its Effects On Children And Adolescents

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The researchers advance the scientific knowledge base by adding to the current knowledge, contributed to the theory, and met the qualifications for a valuable research (Capella, 2016). According to Reising et al., (2016), the study was to address parental depression, social economic status (SES), and community disadvantage for internal and external issues in children and adolescents. Also, taking to account that parental negligence is also a factor that is connected to the internal and external problems in children and adolescents. In addition, concurring to the previous research (Fear, et al., 2009) (Flynn & Rudolph 2011), (Lewis, Collishaw, Thapar, & Gordon, 2014), (McCarthy, Downes, & & Sherman), & (Sondheimer, MD, 2010), all came into…show more content…
Therefore, the researchers question was aligned with the design, method, and how information was collected and analyzed. Furthermore, prior to conducting the research and collecting any data from future participants the researchers’ research proposal was approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Leedy & Ormrod (2016), states that prior to any data or interview with future participants the research proposal must be submitted for approval. With that said, approval was granted for the researchers to conduct the study and proceed with the analysis. The researchers (Reising, et al., 2013) demonstrated parents who suffered from depression as well as financial hardship did not have a great relationship with their children impacting their psychopathology internally and externally. Thus (Reising, et al., 2013) revealed there are countless children living in the United States surrounded by triggers that may direct them to apprehension, for instance, parents who have suffered or are still suffering from compulsive dejection, financial economic hardship, and parents who are neglectful are a few characteristics that can and may influence children and adolescent to stress leading them to behave in a manner that is not aligned with their community. The following research article are in accordance with the previous literature review relating to parental stress and depression does have an influence on children’s behavior:
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