The Differences Between Charlemagne And Augustus

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Charlemagne and Augustus were separated by many centuries (seven), in that time many changes occurred in both culture and lifestyles. Charlemagne and Augustus had a few similarities but many more differences. Examples of the similarities would be they both ruled large empires with close to the same amount of territory governed. To rule these large empires they both had to fight off rival kingdoms/empires/tribes. They were also similar in they inherited their respective territories. However, their motivations for pursuing these themes differ, for example Charlemagne was motivated to build his Empire because of his devout Christian faith. On the other hand the pagan Augustus was motivated by the gaining of political power and influence within the intriguing world of Roman politics and not the forced conversion of others to his religion. Charlemagne and Augustus used their large militaries to expand their vast empires. Charlemagne was considered a warrior king. He would lead his army into all of their battles. During the thirty three year war (772- 804) with the Saxons he lead every battle except for two. Those two battles were at Detmold and at the bank of the river Hase. The enemy were so routed and overthrown in these two battles that they never afterwards ventured to take the offensive or to resist the attacks of the King, unless they were protected by a strong position. The Saxon war is the Frank 's most well known war. The Franks and Charlemagne also fought in other

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