The Differences Between Phone Records And The 1970 And Smartphones, Privacy And How Courts Affect The Technology

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Telephone is a telecommunications device used to communicate between two or more people in any distance. Primarily telephones were used only for communication purposes but today telephones are as powerful and useful as computers are. With the evolution of phones, many things have changed which includes phone records. In past, phone records involved only phone numbers but today there is so many data and information on phones. These records include phone numbers, bank information, personal pictures and videos, location and text messages. These records are often used by law enforcers to investigate crimes by gathering information from phone records. Since 1970 many things has changed. This paper examines the technological differences between phone records in the 1970 and smartphones, privacy and how courts affect the technology. In past law enforcers could pull phone information without probable cause which means telecommunications industry used to be more cooperative with law enforcement. But now there have been many changes. Knutson, Gryta, Barrett (2014) write on the article that AT&T Inc. said federal investigators might need a warrant to gather data about cellphone user’s location, challenging the more permissive legal framework the government has used for year. This means law enforcers will need probable cause to get warrant from a judge before pulling phone records from carriers like AT&T. Although phone records helps to locate suspects and gather evidences, pulling
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