Government Search Warrant

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With more surveillance the world would be a better place. Government Surveillance is a person or two are monitoring a person, place, or thing for a period of time. They would be investigating the person, place, or thing for any particular reason, whether it be from any sort of smuggling to distribution. They could monitor them all types of ways, whether it be from sitting in a car from afar, having an inside man, or from a drone in the air tailing them. All types of investigations are dangerous, you’re risking a lot, form letting your man go in and risking his life.

In my opinion, in order for police to monitor your cellphone they would have to have a search warrant. Today there are cops that do not follow the law. For example, some cops don’t
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Modern day cell phones, now contain many Americans private lives, they are protected under the Fourth Amendment due to the fact that they allow people to carry personal information, in the palm of their hand. Which is why searching a phone without a warrant is illegal as proven by the U.S Constitution and recently confirmed by the U.S Supreme Court.

Criminals should be held more accountable for their actions because no one has the right to get away with their crimes. In other words, no matter what these criminals do each and every

one should be found guilty. For example, “The Rodney King Case, those cops had beaten Rodney King nearly to death for no reason, back then in the 90’s, there was so much police brutality towards black people. Therefore, these criminals should not be able to get away with crime.

Even police are criminals, they are just as bad as criminals or even worse. In other words, police officers are just as bad as criminals. For example, “The Trevon Martin case, he was an unarmed 17 year old colored person who was fatally shot by a police officer for no reason, he was unarmed, he had no type of weapon and a police officer just shot and killed him. Therefore, even police officers should be accountable for their
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