The Differences Between The Nfl And High School Football

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High school verse Professional football is the topic of debates for a lot of football fans in the United States. Many fans like high school more because of pride and heart the players play with. Some football fans are drawn to the National Football League because of the awesome athletic plays that happen. The NFL and high school football have many similarities and differences. The main similarities between them are the field size and the basic rules of football. There are several differences between NFL and high school are the major rules, viewer experience, and the way the game is played Both the NFL and high school football play the game on the same size field which is 100 yards with ten yard end zones on both sides of the field. Also …show more content…

In high school football the player is automatically ruled down when any part of his body other than the feet or hands touches the ground. The last major difference between them is pass interference penalties. The NFL pass interference penalty is automatic first down at the spot of the foul. High school football’s rule is automatic first down, and 15 yards from the original spot of the ball. Viewer experience of a Cleveland Browns game and Smithville Smithies game is very different. When you walk out of the dimly lit hallway and into the stadium at First Energy, the sun is blinding. The grass field looks so good that it could be easily mistaken as artificial turf. There are over 70,000 fans on any given Sunday. While looking around the stadium you can see orange and brown colors everywhere of fans representing the home team. Occasionally you can see different colors scattered amongst the Brown’s colors of the fans representing the other team. Noise from the crowd is so loud, it makes it hard to hear people sitting in the seat beside you. When the browns are announced they ran out of the tunnel and the whole crowd stands up to cheer. Many fans at the browns game fans are drunk, and yell at the other team’s fans. After the browns run onto the field they start warming up. Quarterbacks start passing the ball to each other, the centers are snapping, and the punters are

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