The Differences Of The Odyssey By Homer's The Odyssey

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Odyssey Essay!

The amazing epic poem by Homer entitled “The Odyssey” shares many similarities and many differences as well with the Hallmark movie of the same name. The epic poem is about the hero Odysseus who has spent twenty long years filled with toil and loss, through war and sea desperate to return to his home of Ithaca. Odysseus has angered some of the gods and goddesses of a Greek Mythology with his destruction of the mighty city of Troy. Odysseus is represented in the poem and the movie, but there are several differences between the two in the events he encountered. There are also numerous similarities
For starters, the setting of the movie and the poem are both centralized around Ithaca and scattered Islands of Greece. The Greek mythology was also a main theme in the two, such as Odysseus’s protection by The goddess Athena and the hatred be Odysseus and Poseidon. One of the more difficult aspect that the movie had gotten spot on was the displaying of Odysseus’s leadership throughout the God's (mainly Poseidon's) wrath and the ever enduring seas of Greece. However throughout all of the hardships his crewmen remained loyal to him and his faith that they would one day return to the shores of Odysseus’s mighty Kingdom of Ithaca.

Another main similarity between the poem and the movie but put into more depth in the movie is how the people of Ithaca where dealing with Odysseus’s absence. Penelope stayed faithful to Odysseus while also keeping the promise of marrying

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