The Digestive System Of The Human Body

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In the human body, the human digestive system is used to process food one eats by digesting it into nutrients. The body use nutrients for energy, growth, and cell repair, which are needed for humans to survive. This digestive system encompasses a long tube that runs from the mouth to the anus. It contains structures and organs through which food and liquids pass as it is being processed into forms absorbable in the bloodstream. The digestive system also contains structures through which wastes pass in the process of elimination and additionally, other organs that contribute juices necessary for the digestive process.
The digestive system is initiated when a person smells food, which triggers salivary glands start to secrete saliva in one’s mouth. While the person begins chewing thus breaking down the food into smaller pieces, their saliva increases. As more saliva is produced, it begins the process of breaking down food into different forms of the individual’s body thereby absorbing it for usage. . In the digestive system, liquids are produced to help break the food down further. By chewing the food more, a person is helping to improve their digestion.

One food has been broken down in the chewing process and swallowed down the throat, it enters the esophagus. The esophagus is a long tube that extends from the mouth to the stomach. The esophagus lies behind the trachea and heart and in front of the spinal column; it passes through the diaphragm before entering the…
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