How the digestive, Cardiovascular and Respiratory System Help to Make the Human Body Work

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The digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory system are all interrelated in order to make the human body work effectively and efficiently. The cardiovascular system and the respiratory work together by performing gas exchange which is passing of oxygen from the alveoli into the blood flow and then the carbon dioxide passes trough the blood flow and is breathed out from the body. If gas exchange didn’t take place then it will result in the cells dying. There are many other body systems that interrelate with each other e.g. the nervous system is interrelated with the muscular system.

The digestive system absorbs the minerals and nutrients from the foods that have been eaten. The break down of food beings in the mouth, where the …show more content…

The respiratory system and the cardiovascular system work together by oxygen being inhaled by the mouth and nostrils and then the oxygen enters the respiratory system. When the oxygen enters the respiratory system, oxygen enters the alveoli which are located in the lungs and then it diffuses through the alveolar wall. After when this process is complete, it enters the cardiovascular system. The oxygen is then mixed with hemoglobin, which forms oxyhaemoglobin. The blood is then circulated all around the body. While the blood is mixed with the oxygen, a waste gas gets produced, which is carbon dioxide. The excess gas then exists out by going through the respiratory system and then it is exhaled out from the mouth.

The respiratory system and digestive system work together by producing mucus, which is a part of the defense mechanism, the respiratory and the digestive system form. This is done by, the goblet cells when a microorganism enters the body. The main function of the mucus is to collect these micro organisms. The mucus then gets transferred down the oesophagus by cilia which then the mucus is exposed to hydrochloric acid that is in the stomach. The digestive system supports the respiratory system by making the necessary nutrients to the diaphragm, which enables breathing to take place effectively and efficiently without any problems.

The cardiovascular system and the

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