The Digital Satellite Communication Systems

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DIGITAL SATELLITE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS By Oyudo Richard Chidiebube (Matriculation Number: 110805082) Department of Computer Sciences University of Lagos (Ref: CSC422/2014-15) ABSTRACT Modern wireless communications technology has almost become synonymous with digital satellite communications. It is hence, a key element in the current era of globalization as it has so largely been adopted as a primary means of communication. This paper attempts to investigate modern digital satellite communications providing a progressive transition from a conceptual to a more technical view of the digital communication process through a satellite from one earth terminal to another. INTRODUCTION Satellite communications today, is an integral part of our everyday life and the world at large. From providing in-flight communication in airplanes, GPS navigation systems to even determining long-term patterns and statistical data of the atmosphere for climate monitoring and remote sensing, the importance of satellite communication systems have become invaluable. More applicable to our everyday life, it is used in telephone and television communication systems. Satellites are preferred to other means of communications because they possess features not available in other communication systems. For example, signals can be received and sent over thousands of miles also with an added advantage of its immunity to political and geographical boundaries. The creation and launch of a typical satellite
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