The Dignity Of Black Americans

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Research Essay Draft The dignity of Black Americans is being taken away by the same people who are getting paid by American tax dollars, to protect and serve. Because of this rash of recent deaths, Black Americas have started an initiative to ban together to fight the racial injustice in this country. Black Lives Matter is an organization of American activist who created a grassroots movement to abolish the degradation and demonization of Blacks Americans. This movement formed after the shooting death, of Florida Black American teen Trayvon Martin, whose killer George Zimmerman, was released on an acquittal. Since then, more attention has been drawn to the disproportionate number of Black American deaths in this country. These deaths have …show more content…

It is proven in an analysis of crime provided by the US’s largest police department. And it’s shocking data is completely suppressed by the mainstream media in America.” (Duke, D. 2014, Dec 08)

However, other studies continue to show that there are consequences for race in regards to a police officer’s response to criminal suspects. One study in particular used a computer simulation to examine police officers’ decisions to shoot Black and White criminal suspects. Responses to the simulation revealed that upon initial exposure to the program, the officers were more likely to mistakenly shoot unarmed Black compared with unarmed White suspects. However, after extensive training with the program, in which the race of the suspect was unrelated to the presence of a weapon, the officers were able to eliminate this bias. (Plant, A., & Peruche, M. n.d.) Although there is a group of people who have the counterargument that reverse racism is becoming more of an issue than racial bias against Black Americans, recent Gallup polling still reveals that nearly seventy percent of Black Americans believe that the U.S. justice system is biased against them. The poll also shows that a quarter of White Americans as well as a third of all adults nationally, agrees. (Race Relations 2015).

When examining White privilege over Black rights, it becomes questionable as to why this legal structure has permitted the

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