The Dignity of Simplicity

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The Dignity Of Simplicity
(The State Of Being True By Me)
I. Introduction
As Albert Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
It’s true; everything should be pared down as much as possible to fit our lives, but not beyond that point or we have actually crossed the line into complication.
According to my friends, dignity is simplicity itself. You should just be yourself, the simplest you can be. Simplicity is how you respect yourself from being simple. But for me when you talk about of dignity ladies and gentlemen, we are also referring to purity. I believe that simplicity is at its best when it is uninfluenced and that it speaks altruism and honesty. Simple in the sense that even mistakes can …show more content…

It works on the principle that twenty percent of what you do, accounts for eighty percent of the importance you possess.
Simplicity is not just a noble character, but also an asset. It is a ladder to success. It makes one an object of admiration which cannot be bought with money or lived easily. It is not as easy as it is called. When you are without spot, you 're not only a figure for admiration, but also a focus for jealousy and hatred; and in no distant time, so many unwanted notes would be filed against you. You need not be weary or worry because I have an assurance for you. In style, in character, in manner, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.
These, you ought to know; purity and simplicity are two wings with which man soars above the earth and all temporary nature. It takes humility, reconvenes and willingness to do right no matter what it takes. It is in big contrast with pretence. It saves you from the high cost of pretence, putting a front of who you are not.
Elizabeth may have a quarrel with her friend; her simplicity would make her focus on solving the problem rather than figuring out who is at fault. This is because the problem is her problem, not her friend.
Another case in which simple living lifestyle is hard is when one gets short of ideas and will require you to seek for advice. It is easy to ask from a superior and

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