What Problems Did Elizabeth Face in 1558?

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What problems did Elizabeth face in 1558? At the start of her reign in 1558, Elizabeth faced many problems it was a very tumultuous time for her. These problems included Gender, Religion, Finance and Foreign policy. One factor Elizabeth had to face, which was seen as a huge disadvantage, was her gender. This was because the society was very patriarchal, male dominated, meaning that she was seen as week and less capable of being a good leader. This was a problem for Elizabeth as she had to do more to prove that she could be a good leader. This leads onto the fact that her sister Mary wasn’t a good leader so therefore there were low expectations of Elizabeth, This also meant Elizabeth had a lot to prove in order to be a good leader. …show more content…

There were many reasons for fighting to keep Calais, the loss of Calais would be damaging to the economy, it would be a major blow to England’s prestige, England would no longer have the same domination over the straights of Dover and finally, the loss of Calais would have a huge impact to Elizabeth’s pride of a queen who was opening her reign. Whereas, on the other hand there were also a lot of reasons against fighting for Calais. One

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