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The Dimensions of a Career In Accounting
Rafael Cartagena
SOC 116
Term Paper
April 28, 2015

A career in public accountant/internal auditing involves communicating, summarizing, classifying, interpreting and presenting financial positions about an enterprise to the management, auditors, owners or shareholders of a company. Having a strong accounting foundation is an important factor when it comes to running a successful business. In every business there is need for a bookkeeper, accountant or a chief finance officer. There is a projected 16% increase in job positions by 2016 exemplifying the bright future of accounting according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics website (U.S Department of Labor, 2014.) The role of the accountant has changed from traditional accounting to that of a strategic planner and a business partner in the changing business environment. And in regards to Kalleberg’s standards of “good” job criteria, a career in accounting measures up to the ideals of a worthy job to obtain.
Accounting Classification
According to the New Leadership Track in Accounting Firms by Elizabeth Almer, accounting is a study of how organizations track their assets, capital, and liabilities over time. It involves computing cost and capital gains from the capital (Almer, 2011: 44). An accountant participates in strategies for mergers and acquisitions. Public accountants work for public accounting companies with major tasks including

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