Descartes Divisibility Argument Essay

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In this paper, I will discuss the “Divisibility argument” on Descartes mind- body dualism presented on Descartes meditations. I will claim that the mind and the body are in fact different as Descartes argument suggests, but I will more rather neglect and explain why his belief that the mind is indivisible is wrong. I also will discuss how Descartes argument on the body’s divisibility is reasonable, and the reasons why I believe this argument is true. Descartes “Divisibility argument” states “[There] is a difference between the mind and the body, inasmuch as the body is by nature always divisible, while the mind is utterly indivisible… I am unable to distinguish any parts within myself… [My] mind is completely different from the body…” (Descartes Meditations, pg.59). His “Disability argument” is logically simplified as: (1) The body is a divisible thing. (2) The mind is an indivisible thing. (3) [Therefore, the] body and mind are two different things. (Armstrong on Descartes. Pg.23). Descartes here believes that the mind can’t be divided, but the body can, so it proves that they aren’t the same. Descartes first premise means that if you cut your body at any point, it is being divided. Which in his argument, that “[the] body… by its very nature [is] divisible (Descartes Meditations, pg.59) shows that the body by nature is extended as in being able to take up space. This leads to the thought that there is no other way to think about our body, but [Just] in having

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