The Disadvantages Of Bike Sharing

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Bike sharing will give us a better life.
Bike sharing has become a fashion trend at present, riders can be seen everywhere in the street. When people enjoy it’s convenience but also have a lot of contradictions, some people even bluntly: sharing the bicycle can not survive in the market. Even though the bike sharing is facing lots of problems now, its benefits outweigh the disadvantages, with its own advantages and the development of relevant policies, bike sharing must be able to develop very well in China.
The first generation of bike sharing began in 1965 in Amsterdam, also experienced the illegal possession or destruction, until Paris launched a bike sharing program, "v", with its large-scale advantage to change the history of shared bicycles …show more content…

News reported that a bagger on the streets of Chengdu, one day it rained, he was drenched in the streets to put the messy shared bicycle row one by one, he is a beggar in material, but he is very rich in spirit. We often say that science and technology could change life, if you do not understand life, then science and technology for us is also dispensable. First of all, the Integrity mechanism of bike sharing should be incorporated into the the Integrity mechanism of the society, so that people attach importance to the protection of bike sharing. At the same time, increase the propaganda about protecting bike sharing, the whole society should consciously resist bad behavior. Second, the enterprise should strengthen the staff under the line, reinforce the daily maintenance of bicycles, clean up illegal bicycles timely, every ten thousand cars are not less than 50 people maintain under the line. Optimize the park area, marked the ban zone and dedicate stop clearly on the app. Finally, the government should intensify efforts to rectify the bicycle management to stop the issue of illegal parking, establish the relevant legal system and punish malicious

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