The Discovery Of The Americas By Christopher Columbus

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The discovery of the Americas by the European explorer Christopher Columbus was a pivotal event during the 1450s that posed challenges to the way Europeans viewed the world. Columbus was born in Genoa Italy, and is hailed as one the greatest navigators during his time, inspiring an official American Holiday. However, Columbus’s voyage isn’t all that great of a thing, especially to the native peoples and environment of the Americas. Columbus’s deeds are soured by false motives, violence against the indigenous, and damage to the environment that came as a result of him discovering the Americas. Although America had to have been discovered some time by the Europeans, it was not handled very well by the European explorers and society.
Firstly, Columbus’s motives for setting out on a grand voyage were not for the purpose of finding the Americas, but for a sought after trade route that would make the voyage from Europe to Asia shorter. Born into a city of Christianity, seafarers, and trade, Columbus grew up to become more of a merchant than an explorer. He was motivated by money to find a shorter alternative to the silk road and influenced by the tales of Marco Polo, showing he had no intentions to discover the wonder of the Americas. Additionally, Columbus wasn’t even the first European to set foot in America, as the Vikings had the colony “L’Anse aux Meadons” established before his discovery, so at best he “re-discovered” the Americas. For this reason, Columbus should not be

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