The Disease Eating Me from the Inside Out

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I am a victim. A victim of a horrible disease that is eating me inside and out. It has been running through my mind destroying any signs of life. Anything that made me who I once was. Memories that have been keeping me up for so long. It was taking over, combing with the blood that has been running through my veins. This disease is creeping towards my heart, burning it to ashes. Ashes that I know would never be one again. It all started on this one horrible day, January 2, the day this disease began. “Paige and Nesa we have to go,” my mother yelled from across the street. “Bye grandma and grandpa,” we screamed in unison. “Stay safe we love you,” my grandma called back. We got into the car and was not surprised to hear our parents discussing scientific explanations. We never really understood why they enjoyed science so much. As soon as we got in, my dad began to drive away. I looked back and waved goodbye to my grandparents. They were always smiling and happy. I was going to miss them. We only came during special occasions. Although I was happy to go back to the city, being there in the middle of nowhere was starting to get very boring. All you see are trees but I guessed they like the quite peacefulness of being alone without a house in sight. “Dad I’m hungry,” whined Nesa after thirty minutes of just starring out at trees. “Can we stop to eat since we have five hours till we get home.” “Yes, because there are so many places to stop at.” We all laughed at my fathers

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