The Disrespects Of Standing Up For Hawaiian Culture

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“We wouldnʻt disrespect our Kupuna by standing for the very song that took away their land and all their mana,” Kaʻipu Baker explained. Although some people think standing up for our ancestors is disrespectful there is the reason to why we stand up for them. Think about it, would you stand up for your own culture if someone took it away from you? That is exactly what Winona Beamer, Graduates from Kamehameha Kapālama schools and Eddie Pu decided to do. Even though there are many disagreements towards us as Hawaiians. Being a Hawaiian means standing up for your culture and our Kupunas.
Standing up for Hawaiian Culture is not easy but a lady named Winona Beamer did what she thought was right when she felt her culture got ripped away from her. Winona decided to Chant in front of her elders in the school because she knew it wasnʻt right that she couldnʻt chant or speak Hawaiian in a Hawaiian school. Due to her actions, she was expelled from the school from the principal the next day. In her words this is how she felt, “I wanted to see the will. I begged to see the will. I couldnʻt believe the princess (Bernice Pauahi Bishop) would say no Hawaiian spoken, no chanting, no dancing. I couldnʻt believe a Hawaiian Princess would say that.” (pg.99) Winona Beamer. There are many of us who would just leave the school but Winona Beamer stood up for herself because she knew it wasnʻt right that she couldnʻt be Hawaiian in a Hawaiian school. Bernice Pauahi Bishop made this school make “good

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