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The Distillation Dream-Team Co.™ BREAKING NEWS: METEOROLOGIST FEAR DEVASTATING DROUGHT TO SPREAD WEST IN THE UNITED STATES! CALIFORNIA ALREADY HARD HIT! Currently in the Western United States, the country is going through a major drought crisis. California reaches worst level; as it spreads to the Western states. More than 58 percent of the state was in an “exceptional drought” stage, according to the latest U.S. Drought Monitor map. The drought that began almost three years ago has also “nearly depleted” the state’s topsoil moisture reserves. Now it’s having a major impact on crops that are grown in the area. The US Department of Agriculture meanwhile predicted there would be less corn coming into global markets over the next year, because of the increase in drought in the Western US area. “What’s difficult is that we see a drought happen today but people are really going to be feeling that six months from now, possibly a year from now,” said Mary Brill, a policy analyst at ActionAid. This could form another round of high prices and global hunger. Water is a precious resource. In a drought-prone state, we need to find the absolutely best way to use what water we have. The pieces are in place to fix California’s water problem, they just need to put them together. As shown in this map, the conditions in the Western United States and especially in California are worsening day by day. The drought is hurting many families crops and wallets. Equipment: The

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