The Divine Comedy : Inferno Ira

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The Divine Comedy: Inferno IRA by Dante Alighieri

(Exposition) Midway through his life, Dante finds himself lost from his true way, wandering through a dark and savage forest. He finds a mountain, after which a divine light shines upon him, encouraging him to go up it. But he is stopped by three malicious creatures and is only saved when a man finds him. The man identifies himself to Dante as Virgil (a great Roman poet), and reveals that his lost love Beatrice (and two others) has wished for God to grant Dante a journey through heaven and hell (so that he can be redeemed). Dante eagerly accepts the path he has been given, and heads out with Virgil (who he greatly admires).
(Rising Action) After crossing paths with the Muses, Dante and Virgil reach the gates of hell, upon which is an inscription that reads “All hope abandon, ye who enter in!” The two press onward through the gates, where they reach the Ante-Inferno (Within Hell, but not a true part of it), which is reserved for the souls that failed to make moral choices in life (but did not sin) and were not truly good or evil. These souls are condemned to spend eternity chasing after a blank banner, while maggots bite them, which Dante finds himself to pity their suffering. Further into the realm, the protagonist and his guide reach the river Acheron, where souls go to cross into hell. They are transported by an entity known as Charon (clearly the one taken from Greek Mythology), who serves as a ferry driver into
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