The Divine Perfection Of God 's Justice Essay

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Dante creates an inspired correspondence between a soul’s sin on Earth and also the penalty he or she receives in Hell. The Sullen choke on mud, the angry attack each other, the over greedy area unit forced to eat waste product, and so on. This straightforward plan provides several of Inferno’s moments of spectacular representational process and symbolic power, however additionally serves to illuminate one among Dante’s major themes: the perfection of God’s justice. The inscription over the gates of Hell in Canto III expressly states that God was affected to make Hell by Justice (III.7). Hell exists to penalize sin, and also the quality of Hell’s specific punishments testifies to the divine perfection that each one sin violates.

This notion of the quality of God’s punishments figures considerably in Dante’s larger ethical messages and structures Dante’s Hell. To trendy readers, the torments Dante And Virgil see could appear shockingly harsh: homosexuals should endure an eternity of walking on hot sand; people who charge interest on loans sit at a lower place a rain of fireplace. However, after we read the verse form as a full, it becomes clear that the guideline of those punishments is one among balance. Sinners suffer penalty to a degree appropriate the gravity of their sin, in an exceedingly manner matching that sin’s nature. The planning of the verse form serves to bolster this correspondence: in its plot it progresses from minor sins to major ones (a matter of degree);

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