The Division Of Law-making Powers In Australia

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Australia 's Federal System is dynamic and the division of lawmaking power between the Commonwealth and State since 1901 has changed dramatically; Critically discuss, focussing on the major reasons for those changes.

On the first of January 1901 Australia became a federation when the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act came into force. Since this time, Australia has been a federated country, consisting of a Commonwealth Parliament and six State Parliaments these being Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland and South Australia. The Division of law-making power has changed considerably since 1901.

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (commonly known as the Constitution) gives the Commonwealth …show more content…

Gaining financial dominance also meant that the Commonwealth had de facto control over residual areas, as it could determine how much money was to be spent on education etc.

High Court interpretations of the Constitution have also played a vital role in the change of the division of lawmaking power. One example is the Franklin River Dam Case where the Tasmanian Government challenged the Commonwealth Parliament in the High Court over the validity of the World Heritage

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