The Division Of Our Society : Exploring Mass Imprisonment

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Mass Incarceration
The Division of Our Society: Exploring Mass Imprisonment
Pamela D. Jackson
WRIT 130: Research Paper
Professor Jane Campanizzi-Mook
September 11th 2015

Prison is unfortunately big business in the United States and our society is paying the ultimate cost and there is only one system being rewarded. More than often we do not put much emphasis on the prison system in its entirety. It is a fairly simple concept to most Americans that if you commit a crime or if you’re one of the bad guys jail or prison is where you will reside and pay for the wrongdoing. The ultimate goal for this research is to engage the audience to reviewing the characteristics of mass incarceration and more importantly explaining the meaning. it’s pretty simple that is where the ‘bad guys’ go. The idea is to engage the readers into the different characteristics of mass incarceration and more importantly explain the meaning. There are infinite layers to the very problematic prison system in America. By exploring the different components of mass incarceration it will provide a better perspective of what is occurring in America’s seemingly never-ending prison cycle. The importance of understanding mass incarceration to reveal the positions Americans are indirectly affected by.

There are so many aspects to the prison system in America especially with only 5 percent of the world’s population, we house 25 percent of its prisoners. By exploring the different components of

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