The Divisive Politics Of Slavery

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Subject: US World History Current Topic: 4.1 The Divisive Politics of Slavery Date: 8/18/15 Questions/ Cues: Notes: What caused secession in the South? Why do you think that popular sovereignty was created? Describe what the Underground Railroad was? Who was Harriet Tubman? How did Harriet Beecher Stowe work to resolve slavery? Why do you think that Franklin Pierce’s democratic victory was important? Can you explain the case of Dred Scott? How did Stephen Douglas believe slavery should be stopped? How did Abraham Lincoln test Douglas in the debate? Which states formed the Confederacy? What was Jefferson Davis role in the Confederacy? Slavery in the Territories The border dispute where Texas (slave state) claimed the eastern half of the New Mexico Territory to them. In Texas, slavery had not been resolved at the time and new warnings of formal withdrawals of a state from the union arisen. Popular sovereignty was established to please the North & South with a fair way of deciding slavery in states as a compromise. It was the right to vote for or against slavery, for residents of New Mexico and Utah territories. Protest, Resistance, and Violence These were a system of escape routes created to help slaves escape from slavery. With the help from Conductors, free african americans, and white abolitionists, they worked to secure them protection, provided food and clothing, and work their way to the next station.
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