The Doctrine Of Foreign Policy

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The Monroe Doctrine shaped U.S foreign policy from the moment it was passed. The U.S had always been a country that tried to remain neutral on foreign issues. Since George Washington became President, he realized that the United States needed to grow and self-cultivate before it can meddle in foreign affairs. Washington warned the next leaders of the country not to be involved in the problems of other countries as that would lead to some countries would be unwilling to trade or they would wage war when America was still in its infancy. In order to protect the long-term future of America, it could not be dependent on other nations to support it, and it had to establish itself as a strong power before it could engage in the risky activities of foreign policy. The Monroe Doctrine was one of the first policies in place which rejected the Europeans from conquering any more land in the western hemisphere, and it diminished the foothold the Europeans had because they could longer interfere or try to grow in the Americas.
This policy stressed the tenants of George Washington about remaining neutral. European problems were at an all-time high in the 1820’s. The French had just exiled Napoleon, and they returned back to a monarchy system. The Spanish were losing almost all its wealth with the rebellions of the colonies in Latin America, and there was an ongoing war between the British and French to control Europe. If Americans were to be involved, they would inevitably have to send

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