The Doctrine Of Salvation

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According to Bird, citing Berkhof, the ordo salutis or order of salvation, is the “process by which the work of salvation [is] in Christ…realized in the hearts and lives of sinners” (2013, p. 513). For this reason, when considering the kingdom of God and justification, it must be measured against the message of Christ, to determine its significance. Thus, in this essay, Christ’s guidance and avocation for sinners to repent and consequently be saved will be weighed. So, in considering such, the doctrine of how one can enter the kingdom of God will be examined and related to the bearing to justification.

Doctrine of Salvation
Bird announced, that in lieu of Adam’s fall, as humanity’s representative, placed man in an escalating cycle of rebellion and [further promoted] a mindset “to do almost anything to avoid worshipping the Creator” (2013, p. 491). This mounting insurrection against God, created a chasm between God and mankind. However, God being just moved to restore and redeem mankind not choosing to leave him estranged and thus offered his son as satisfaction and thus created a restorative bridge (p. 492). Correspondingly, Youngblood clarifies salvation as “deliverance from the power of sin” (2014, p. 1010). Likewise, Berkhof sees salvation as “…restoration, redemption, and renewal …” to return humanity, “created in the image of God [to]…proper relationship” (1958, p. 1).
Hence, the Bible established the necessity of and answers for salvation, which are

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