The Documentary ' Happy '

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The documentary ‘Happy’ was probably one of the best documentaries I have ever watched. It is a documentary on what truly makes people around the world happy. The movie takes you through true stories of the lives of all kinds of people with different life situations within the entire world. Through each individual story it shows how even though they may have gone or are going through tough situations, they still remain happy with life itself. I really enjoyed this documentary because it made me realize just how lucky I am for the life I was given. It changed my perception of happiness in so many ways. It made me realize that I have more than I need to live a happy life. Other people around the world don’t have as nice of a house or even a house at all to live in and are so much happier than I am and that is something that sparked my attention. For example, the man who lives in India, Manoj Singh, he lives in what looks like poverty to me, but to him, he lives well. There are times where his family are only able to eat rice and he has no air conditioning in his home, but he still remains a very happy man. When he mentioned that there are times where his family only eats rice, it instantly made me feel awful because I have all the food in the world around me and I still take it for granted some days. I also take my family for granted at times. For instance, the man from Louisiana, his family and friends are what make him happy the most. He is simply grateful for them while

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