The Doll House and a Good Man Is Hard to Find -Narcissistic View of Nora and Grandmother

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Delia Tebedo
Dr. Kingsley
Intro Eng Lit
5 March 2009
Narcissistic View of Nora and Grandmother Narcissism is defined as the love of ones self. Sigmund Freud was the first to use the word to characterize certain character traits. He got the word from the Greek mythological legend Narcissus who saw his reflection in water and fell in love with himself. Freud suggests that all of us have a bit of self love, but when self love goes extreme it can be a problem and is considered a pathological problem. Nora from “The Doll House,” only exuded narcissistic behavior because she was treated like a doll. She was spoiled and only thought that that was how she was supposed to behave in order to get what she wanted or to please the men in her …show more content…

The children convince their father to take the turn that supposedly leads to this house. Unfortunately it ends up being the road to hell.
The long dusty dirt road ends up being the ill-fated end to all their lives thanks to the grandmother. A criminal that is on the loose happens along the dirt road. He has his cronies take each family member into the forest and kills them. The entire time this is happening, the grandmother is trying to talk to him out of killing them by being nice to him and trying to convince him that he is really a good man.
Instead of grieving for the death of her family, she tries to talk him out of killing her. She even tries to buy her own life. She seemed to care more for herself than her family. If she cared more for them, she would have offered more for their lives. At the very end of the story it seems the misfit got to know the grandmother very well in those few moments he spent with her. He said, “She would have been a good woman if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life.”

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