Comparing A Streetcar Named Desire And A View From The Bridge

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The plays A Streetcar Named Desire and A View from the Bridge are both plays that focus on mainly the theme of domination of the female characters by the males. Where A Streetcar Named Desire is a Southern Gothic, A View from a Bridge is a tragedy that is actually similar to Williams’ play as they both end tragically for the main character. Each playwright uses their own method and techniques in order to get the message or point of view across to the audience members.
In A Streetcar Named Desire, the form of a Southern Gothic gives the readers its distinct build – up of tension in the play’s scenes. Throughout the play, the structure closely follows the confrontation between Stanley and Blanche and the tension starts to build up. As the …show more content…

Moreover, as Alfieri is technically the narrator, he constantly informs the audience members on what is going on and he tells it from his past experiences. ‘This one’s name was Eddie Carbone’ This shows Alfieri’s emphasis on ‘was’, as a saddening case for him and the use of an external analepsis creates suspension in the play and the audience members wonder what will happen next. This technique creates different atmospheres to run parallel to the play’s progressing plot.
In scene one, Williams considers this scene as the one of the most important scenes of the whole play as the first scenes generally attract a significant amount of the audience members’ attention. Williams’ also teasingly throws hints and clues about the truth of each of the main characters. The characters are portrayed as if the play was a mystery – with Stanley having suspicions about Blanche. He converses his suspicions with Stella, trying to convince her – ‘Open your eyes [...] she got them out of a teacher’s play?’ Here, Williams portrays Stella as a woman with a difficulty to understand Stanley’s accusations of her sister. Moreover, following Stella’s lack of understanding it is easily preferable to the layers of an onion. Williams compares Stella to an onion as, like an onion, Stanley has to constantly *peel* the layers of Stella’s brain mentally in order for Stella to understand.
On the other hand, Alfieri is not always two – sided and does

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