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The Dragon

Bram Stoker’s Gothic novel, Dracula, intrigues us in a well plotted story and reveals to us the power in Dracula and how that very forbidden power takes control of both men and women.
A lawyer named Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania in order to help someone called Count Dracula purchase and estate in England. Harker is in the process of helping Dracula when he begins to realize that he is a prisoner. Harker starts to realize that Dracula does inhuman things such as crawling down windows and comes to the conclusion that indeed, Dracula is not human. Harker attempts to escape Castle Dracula after the attack of Dracula’s three wives, and only just barely makes it out alive. Harker gets very ill after his escape with brain …show more content…

Then we have our minor female antagonist in the novel who are the predatory sisters located in Dracula’s castle that represent destruction. Mina and Lucy represent purity and goodness while the sisters represent corruption and evil. Dracula himself threatens the virtue of women, having as evidence the three sisters testifying Dracula’s ability to transform a lady into a sex-driven “devil of the pit”.
Victorian women are notorious for their so called docility and domesticity which leaves no room whatsoever for expression of women’s sexual desires, even within marriage. Van Helsing articulates these very same opinion of the Victorian women by using Mina as an example. Van Helsings states that Mina “is one of God’s women, fashioned by His own hand” to show men and other women that “there is a heaven we can enter,” and that “its light can be here on earth”. Van Helsing continues on praising Mina stating that she is “so true, so sweet, so noble,” and “so little egoist,” and that this qualities are very rare in this world who is “so skeptical and selfish.” His statement is implying that women who do not fit into characterizations are no ladies at all and have no place whatsoever in the Victorian society and that those who are sweet, truthful, nobel and modest are worthy of praise. Now Lucy appeared to fit into all of these characterizations of a perfect lady but lets recall

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