The Dred Scott Decision Case

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The Dred Scott Decision was a famous Supreme Court case, deciding over the decision of slavery was legal in the newly discovered territory. It debated over the decision of whether it was legal for slaveholders to take their property into the newly formed territory or whether their property should be freed in this process. The ruling concluded in 1857 and affirmed that slaveholders should have the right to take their slaves to the west . The decision took three attempts to finally reach a conclusion about whether an African American living in recently developed land should be considered free or not. Below I will discuss the life of Dred Scott, the Scott v. Emerson Case, the Scott v. Sandford Case, the eradicating of slavery, and the path to black citizenship in the proceeding decades. Dred Scott was an enslaved African American who was born in Southampton County, Virginia. He and his original owner, Peter Blow, moved from Virginia to St. Louis to attempt farming. Shortly after his owner’s death on June 23, 1832 in Missouri, Scott believed that this transaction should entitle him to his freedom. However, an assistant surgeon of the U.S. Army, named Dr. John Emerson, purchased Scott. In 1836, Emerson moved to a fort in Wisconsin Territory and took Scott with him. After living in free soil with his owner, who was an abolitionist, a test case was declared and Scott sued for his freedom, arguing that his removal to Illinois should end his servitude, because slavery was not
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