The Drilling Sites Will Be Located Near The Ogallala Aquifer

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One of the things that the commission need to keep in mind while deciding will be that the drilling sites will be located near the Ogallala Aquifer. This is one of the biggest aquifers in the world which means polluting the aquifer could have a large impact on hundreds of people’s drinking water. The commission has assured the community that they have used better equipment to protect the pipes so they do not leak. However, the members of the community have little to no faith after seeing how filthy the water still is that’s in the ground. However, with the new equipment the oil company has promised to use the Nebraska residents might feel safer (Hayden). Along with dirty water, community members all over the country have concerns that …show more content…

One of the key factors in solving the problem would be to put in place much stricter regulations for companies to follow. If the government made companies work in a more responsible they would have to pay more attention to where they are drilling, leading to less drilling sites in neighborhoods or close to people’s homes. The regulations on zoning could cause a chain reaction of problem solvers, if the fracking wells start to be farther away from homes the water that people are drinking will less likely be contaminated. For Oklahoma there are not yet regulations on where to frack like other states. Drilling is taking place on what is called “basement” rock, this is believed to be the cause of the tremblors. This is just one place where a little change in law can be a big change for a community. Another easy solution would be regulating the chemicals companies are allowed to use, the chemical cocktails used are commonly filled with acids, detergents and poisons that are not regulated by federal laws. Natalie Starkey, a writer for The Guardian, writes to explain that even areas that are not prone to earthquakes may still experience them due to drilling. Companies have denied having any ties to the rising number of quakes. The earthquakes that will appear will be very dangerous in most cases. The lack of regulation can be tied back into this issue since there are no laws on where companies can

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