The Drought In California

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The lack of freshwater is something that drastically affects the world every single day. People use water everyday for a multitude of things, whether it's washing their clothes, watering their plants, making soup, swimming in a pool, or even just hydrating themselves after a long run or a fun sport outside in the hot, beating sun. Water is very important to human beings, seeing as 70% of the human body is just water molecules vibrating at a very high frequency. That's why when there are natural disasters that prevent people from having access to that water it is highly damaging to everyone, and to the environment. Recently there has been a drought in California that has disrupted not only the lives of the people who live in California, but …show more content…

It has a huge effect on everyone in California and even people that don't live in California but use California as a food source. Most of the farms in California rely on groundwater pumping to water their crops and plants, which costs massive amounts of money even during times when there isn't a drought in the state. One article states, "The study found that the drought -- the third most severe on record -- is responsible for the greatest water loss ever seen in California agriculture, with river water for Central Valley farms reduced by roughly one-third" (Kerlin, 2016). Everyone knows that without water plants will not survive. And if crops can't survive then there will be a loss in the supermarkets, seeing as if the crops don't grow then they can't be eaten. This means a huge loss economically for agriculture companies as well. "Direct costs to agriculture total $1.5 billion (revenue losses of $1 billion and $0.5 billion in additional pumping costs). This net revenue loss is about 3 percent of the state’s total agricultural value" (Kerlin, 2016). That is a huge amount of money for a company to lose.
The California drought is actually part of a much bigger water crisis that spreads throughout the entire world but is mostly focused on California. This is due to climate change in many ways and affects many things, but it especially affects the food production …show more content…

It seems likely that many people in California were unaware of the effects that global warming could have until they were forced to experience it themselves. Even so, their lifestyles or eating habits were not greatly changed so they still are not quite the activists they need to be. However, the drought is showing signs of improving. The hurricane El Niño could be improving the situation. "But for the statewide drought—the one that shapes regional policy and local agricultural output—far more important than local rain totals are the status of the reservoirs. After the end of this pattern, Pierce said the man-made reservoirs could likely be at normal levels at last" (Meyer, 2016). As for the idea of exploring resources to find other ways for energy, at least until the drought is truly over, there should a lot of support for it, but only if the exploration is of sustainable resources that do not damage the Earth further than it is already

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