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During the Progressive Era, various groups responded to the political, social, and economic woes that resulted from the rapid industrialization and urbanization of America during the 19th Century. The mass immigration of foreigners and the northern migration of Africa-Americans led to urban overcrowding and competition for wage-paying jobs. Electric lighting allowed factories to expand the working hours and increase the output of manufactured goods. There was little regulation for employee welfare and many men, women, and children toiled long hours in unsafe factory conditions. Expanding communications through the widespread use of telephones, magazines, and newspapers brought the plight of the poor and oppressed to middle-class America. Improving personal economics allowed these reformers to think less about personal issues and more about society at large. These middle-class Americans led a social movement to cope with the problems associated with rapid industrialization in the 19th Century by bettering society through governmental, business, and social reform. Reform of government, which had become increasingly corrupt through political machines and special interest groups, was one focus of the progressive movement. Because government officials often aligned themselves with big business or bought their way into office, the American public lost faith in the integrity of politicians. One type of journalist, the muckraker, revealed the widespread corruption of

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