The Ebola Virus Essay

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The Ebola Virus


The most deadly killers on this earth are too small to see with the naked eye. These microscopic predators are viruses. In my report, I will answer many basic questions concerning one of the fastest killing viruses, the
Ebola virus. Questions such as "How does it infect its victims?", "How are
Ebola victims treated?", "How are Ebola outbreaks controlled?" and many others related to this deadly virus.


The Ebola virus is a member of the negative stranded RNA viruses known as filoviruses. There are four different strains of the Ebola virus - Zaire
(EBOZ), Sudan (EBOS), Tai (EBOT) and Reston (EBOR). They are very similar except for small serological differences and gene sequence …show more content…

It is also spread through contact with the patients skin which carries the virus. Spread can be accomplish either by person to person transmission, needle transmission or through sexual contact. Person to person transmission occurs when people have direct contact with Ebola patients and do not have suitable protection. Family members and doctors who contract the virus usually obtain it from this type of transmission. Needle transmission occurs when needles, which have been used on
Ebola patients, are reused. This happens frequently in developing countries such as Zaire and Sudan because the heath care is underfinanced. A lucky person who has recovered from the Ebola virus can also infect another person though sexual contact. This is because the person may still carry the virus in his/her genital. A fourth method of transmission is airborne transmission. This type is not proven 100% although there have been several experiments done to prove that this type of transmission is highly possible. The time between the invasion of Ebola and the appearance of its symptoms (incubation period) is 2-21 days. HOW IT IS DIAGNOSED

Diagnosing the Ebola virus may take up to 10 days. The methods used to detect the virus are very slow, compared to how rapid Ebola can kill its victims. Blood or

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