The Economic Growth Of Brazil

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Unemployment in Brazil
Brazil is a country situated in Southern America and is listed among the emerging economies owing to its potential of economic growth. In other words, Brazil is among Russia India and China, or the BRIC which are said to be emerging economies because in the recent past they have recorded the highest level of economic growth. Economic growth contributes greatly to the other concerns in the economy such as the gross domestic product, unemployment, inflation and the quantities of demand and supply. Brazil has sustained the highest level of productivity across the globe and this is attributed to the billions of dollars that it generates from goods and services on an annual basis. In addition, Brazil’s debt has been declining over the years and it is expected to stabilize, as demonstrated by their continued economic growth rate. Brazil’s debt to GDP ratio is said to be at 60%, and since the country is listed among the developing economies, this is considered reasonable (Rapoza, 2014). The rate of employment in the country is also another indicator of the high level of economic growth in the country and it has been increasing since the end of the global financial crisis in 2008. For this reason, this paper seeks to evaluate the unemployment rate in Brazil and how it relates to the economic status of the country.
Unemployment refers to the number of unemployed individuals living in the country compared to the total number of the labor force. Unemployment

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