The Economics Of Pediatric Head Injury

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Sonia Singh, United Kingdom, Health Economics
The Economics of Pediatric Head Injury

Growing up in India I was told that as a girl, education would make me a suitable bride. With a passion for learning and desire to be independent, rebelling against the tradition of marriage after high school, I applied for entrance to medical school instead. Acceptance in to one of the best medical schools in India, the Armed Forces Medical College, changed my life by exposing me to strong women role models in medicine. To explore my interest in research after medical school, I received a scholarship for Ph.D. studies at Rutgers University in the United States. Although this has been interrupted by clinical training and family needs, I continued my focus on understanding and teaching biostatistics, epidemiology, and evidence based medicine.

As my journey in academics started, I faced the challenge and responsibility of becoming a single parent. Fueled by a desire to learn about economics and finance, I did what comes naturally to me?to go to school. The Department of Pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh sponsored the study to support my vision for adding the knowledge of business to the practice of medicine. For eighteen months, I did the ?unthinkable?: working full time, studying full time, and raising a six year-old. This was by far the most exhausting and yet the most inspiring time of my life as I completed the M.B.A. program. Further, travelling to Japan and…
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