Ford Edsel Biography Essay

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First produced in 1958, The Edsel was produced by inspiration of Henry Ford’s Son, Edsel Ford, who passed away on May 26th, 1943. The Edsel was only on production for 3 years. Only about 160,000 Edsels were produced in that time period due to the lack of sales (Skinner). This model of car was discontinued in 1960 and the failure cost Ford Motor Company millions of dollars. There are still a few thousand Edsels in existence and there are clubs around the world founded exclusively for owners of the Ford Edsel.
Edsel Bryant Ford was born on November 6th, 1893. This was around the time that cars started rolling out onto the dirt roads. (Ford Corporate) Edsel did not like horse drawn carriages because the lack of style and comfort. This is why he helped his dad draw and design cars for the Ford Motor Company. The Ford Motor Company was started on the 16th of June in 1903 with only $28,000 from a few investors (Bak 1). He and his dad, Henry Ford worked on cars all the time together. It was their favorite pass time. Edsel built 2 cars from scratch of his very own with his dad Henry Ford. The two cars were called the speedsters. He based the cars off of the Ford Model T. He made two of those cars.
In 1912. Edsel decided not to go to college and go straight into the automotive industry. In the first 3 years of his career, Edsel did basic office work at the Ford Motor Company which included, Writing papers, sales, and helping consumers with their paperwork. Eventually in 1915, he

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