Henry Ford and the Model T Ford

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Cars are a major part of everyday life. People today cannot imagine walking from Northeast Philadelphia to South Philadelphia, let alone traveling from Philadelphia to Florida. The vehicle that started the mobile craze in America was the Model T ford by Henry Ford. Hitting it off with the entire nation, The Model T Ford was a smashing success.
People would say that when the farm was under Henry's control. They would not see any tools. Henry ran his farm the way of the “future”. Henry ran a very efficient farm however this was not what he wanted to do with life. As we already know Henry wanted to create the first car.
Ford was raised on a small farm ran by his father outside of Detroit (Mitchell,1). As a child Henry was very interested in machinery. He always wanted a simpler way to do everything. “His Father would go to town and ask the children what they wanted. Henry's brother and sister would ask for candy but henry always asked for clock wheels.”
Henry Ford was a very intelligent man throughout his life. Henry was only eleven when he began experimenting in his workshop (Barbara Mitchell,7). Henry grew up on the Ford farm just outside of Detroit (Barbara Mitchell,12). When he was sixteen he left the farm and went to live and work in Detroit (Mitchell Barbara,12). Henry wanted to learn more about technology so he can build the first motor vehicle. "At four o’clock one morning in the spring of 1896, Henry, Clara (Henrys wife) and a friend named Jim Bishop gathered around

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