The Effect Of Educational Inequality

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The Effects of Educational Inequality
Education is an institution that was originally put in place to allow individuals the equal opportunity to achieve their dreams. It was intended to provide the same level and quality of education regardless of the individual’s gender, race, or socioeconomic class. Over the years, it has changed into a system that provides some with opportunities while placing others at a disadvantage. Those that are given the advantages typically have high socioeconomic status. The individuals that fall into this category, have the means to pay for college, attend well known secondary and post-secondary schools, and typically obtain jobs with higher wages. While those that are at a disadvantage typically …show more content…

School segregation can be described as the separation of students in schools based on their racial/ethnic background. For example, students from the minority ethnic group, such as African American, Native American, and Latin, would attend a school that is most likely in the city and students from majority ethnic group, such as Caucasian, would attend another school that is most likely in the suburbs. According to Logan, Minca and Adar (2012), the issue of separating students based on racial/ethnic background is important because it places minorities in disadvantaged schools. These school are typically characterized by having inexperienced staff and administrators, and having test scores that land in the 30th percentile (Logan et al., 2012). This can also have an impact on the opportunities that student’s have to learn the course content. It can include the use of tutors, and after school homework clubs. Schmidt, Burroughs, Zoido and Houang (2015) explored the link between socioeconomic status and opportunity to learn. They found that there is a positive correlation between socioeconomic status and the opportunity to learn and that the more opportunities a student has to learn, the better the outcome (Schmidt et al., 2015) Gamoran, Barfels, and Collares, A.C. (2016) also found that opportunity to learn is impacted by the racial composition of the institution. They found that schools that are composed of mainly Caucasian students have more

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